Title Examination

At R. K. Pinson & Associates, LLC, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate product available to our clients. We rely upon our talented group of Project and Title Managers, as well as our group of Title Examiners, to deliver our timely and accurate product.  

  • Detailed Title Examination

  • Complex HBP Title Examination

  • Cursory Title Examination

  • Comprehensive Ownership Reports

  • Title Curative

  • Document Imaging


We have experience dealing with a wide range of complex and challenging title issues, in addition to dealing with multiple federal and state agencies, and state regulatory bodies. We have developed a comprehensive and detailed ownership report that provides greater continuity among all land departments. By utilizing a defined title examination process this ensures that our product is complete, consistent and accurate.


In addition, we have built an extensive library of resources and reference material to supplement our collective knowledge. We also have a dedicated in-house imaging group that can be deployed quickly to meet any imaging needs you may have, whether it is for your company records or for the preparation of title opinions.

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