Prospect Managment

We utilize multiple systems and processes to manage your project, from the initial review of the project and proper staffing to accountable measurements of progress to ensure a timely and accurate completion, We manage and measure from START to FINISH. Our systems and processes create efficiency, accountability, and accuracy to provide the results you expect.

  • Corporate Advisement

  • Experienced Project Mangement Team

  • GIS Mapping

  • Regular Prospect Updates

  • Client Collaboration

  • Results


What can we do better than the rest?

"A carefully selected team of Landmen and support staff is dedicated to each prospect to ensure that all projects are effectively and efficiently managed."

Mary J. Davis, CPL

Project Manager

We can EASE THE PAIN. Over the past two (2) years we have been breaking down and perfecting the design elements to streamline our prospect management and communication processes. You will get decision ready information...every time.

RESULTS YOU CAN SEE. Each prospect proposal is thoroughly reviewed prior to commencement. You can expect to receive a completed Scope of Work form ensuring that there is a mutual understanding of your strategic objective.

  • Project Information / Details

  • Services Requested

  • Expected Start / Completion Dates

  • Organization chart of your RKP Team

  • Accountability


We will ELEVATE YOUR EXPECTATIONS. We are on your team and we want you to be satisfied! Your success is our success because without you, we don't exist. 

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