Leasing, Leasehold &

Mineral Acquisition

It is our belief that fostering positive relationships is a critical component of the leasing, leasehold and mineral acquisition process. We approach every owner with respect and transparency while also meeting our clients goals to create the footprint they need. Our team of experienced lease buyers have a broad base of industry knowledge and understanding, providing the consistent ability to relate to a small mineral owner as well as an industry professional.  We have refined our lease reporting process to keep our clients informed as to the current status of each owner.  As an extension of your land team, it’s imperative that when we know, you know!

  • Federal, BIA, State Bidding and Lease Acquisition

  • Expert Negotiations

  • Value Creation

  • Market Expertise

  • Experienced Lease Buyers

  • GIS

  • Company-wide Leasing Process Implemented

  • Results






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