Title Curative 

Let us help complete the puzzle. Our title curative system as well as the reports that we provide are setting the industry standard. We have a specialized team of dedicated Title Curative Landmen that follow a very regimented MULTI-STEP process to review title opinions and address each title objection and requirement appropriately. 

What can we do better than the rest?

"We weren't provided these types of curative reports with previous DOTO's, and I think it really helped us get our client a better, more complete DOTO."

Kyle D. Scruggs, Esq.

James M. Kerrigan & Associates, PLLC

BRIDGE THE GAP. By utilizing our title curative division upon the issuance of a Drilling Title Opinion our clients have seen a reduction in the amount of title defects remaining on-hand once the Division Order Title Opinion is rendered. This also leads to a decrease in the amount of revenues being held in suspense accounts.

CURATIVE FORMS LIBRARY. Our curative forms library ensures that our documents are filed in accordance with appropriate State Statutes and abide by County recording guidelines. We can offer help to all parties in need, from an Affidavit of Death and Heirship to a complex Cross Conveyance and Stipulation of Interest. 

QUICKER TURNAROUND. Our people are specialized in title curative. Our clients have seen a quicker turnaround getting defects satisfied or resolved.

What do your title curative reports look like?


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